Things you didn’t know about March Madness

I found this video on the Wall Street Journal website (!8ADB0160-E713-4E2C-96DE-18E38F79FDDB) about less commonly known March Madness facts. Some of them really shocked me! Millions of dollars are made in revenue from the tournament, but very few schools every see that revenue. One hundred and thirty four million dollars in worker productivity was lost in the first two days of the tournament alone. Also, players are essentially keeping up with a full time job (39+ hours on the court!), despite NCAA regulations. Because of this, six teams last year only graduated half of their athletes, a large proportion of those being African American players.

I love following the tournament. Brackets provide ¬†fun competition between coworkers and friends. There are always thrilling upsets and close games. But is the cost too much? NCAA basketball is looking more and more like the NBA. If the majority of players aren’t going to end up in the pros, what does this mean for them? What’s your opinion?

(But of course, I can’t talk about March Madness without a “go blue!” Like some of you, I’ll definitely be watching on Friday.)


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