Fair or Foul?

I want to briefly describe a situation to everyone, and feel free to tell if you think I have a point or not.

As everyone knows, Michigan made it to the Final Four. Before I go any further, I want to assure you that this isn’t yet another post solely about sports. It’s actually more about ethics. The topic of ethics probably makes it even less interesting, but oh well. Anyway, the University was given 700 tickets from the NCAA (not nearly enough, but not the point) to distribute to student season ticket holders. As you may imagine, at a school with about 28,000 undergraduate students and another 14,00 graduate students, despite the fact that most students do not buy basketball season tickets, far more than 700 do. You can also probably imagine that out of those “far more than 700” who do in fact have season tickets, just about all of them want to go to the Final Four. Clearly, there are going to be many unhappy campers.

Currently, I am one of those unhappy campers, but don’t think I should be! Priority is given to the students who attended the most home games. Okay… I’m fine with that part. But I’m not fine with the fact that I’m not given extra¬†priority¬†for working in the Athletic Department (yes, the same Athletic Department that the Michigan basketball team is a part of). I’m not fine with having worked over 200 hours in the Athletic Department, only to have my potential ticket taken by someone who maybe attended a couple more home games than me. I’m not asking for health care here… I just want a stupid ticket!

Am I being unreasonable in saying that, or do I truly have a point? Since you probably don’t care in the slightest bit, please just side with me to take me feel better. I could really use some moral support.

On a separate note, I would just like to point out that I also attended two road games this year, at Ohio State and Michigan State respectively. From these games, I was subject to long car rides, foul language, name -calling, dirty looks, rivalry-school chants, and agonizing defeats. That should count for more than someone attending a stupid home game 5-minutes away in Wolverine-friendly Crisler Center!

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