LIVE BLOG: Writing 220 on 4/16; Raymond’s Section

Live Blogging today’s class taught by Raymond. Hopefully, this doesn’t backfire. (Ray, if you’re reading, I count this as a blog post with merit.)

Ray walks in with a pencil today to sign off on the laptop cart. One day, however, he will celebrate when he only needs his Iphone to sign documents.

He first informs us that we are all ahead of the curve, and in (typical?) fashion, he takes credit for it. I suspect that this live blog could send mine downhill.

The class begins with another uncommon question: “You no longer have your name. What name do you now go by?”

Best responses inclue Christine’s response “Paige”, Andrew’s response “Cornelius”, and Benji’s “Pablo” because he apparently has ties to his fictional video game character Pablo Sanchez.Interesting to note that Carly wanted to be named Ryan, but couldn’t pull it off “because I’m not blonde). Raymond states that he would like to be named “Doctor”. imagine children with the names — Doctor McDaniel — “Doctor McDaniel, please report to the main office.”

He then asks if our parents have “vintage” names. What does a vintage name entail? Worth noting my dad’s name is Raymond and he’s close to 60. Does this mean that Ray is vintage?

Quick note: Matt points out that he saw Nikki with 30 other kids. Neither I, nor Sean, have any idea why, but it sounds like it’s going downhill. Raymond even put out his hands and yelled “STOP!” Weirdest tangent we may have ever been on.

As we check CTools, Raymond declares that one quarter of all mammals are bats. Quote “That is fantastic! Batacular!” He’s correct

Worth sharing that Raymond has a Twitter @RaymondMdDaniel. It’s been four days since his last tweet, but if you catch him on a day when he’s active, your feed will blow up. Highlights include his rant on Chia Pig.

We’ve been discussing grades while I blog. We are all doing alright, actually. Elizabeth asks about submitting our expected grades in the drop box. Raymond says that he would rather we write our grades on a sheet of paper, fold it into and origami crane and send it down the river to the “Gods of Grading.”

EVERYBODY: Raymond is teaching a digital magazine course next winter. DON’T TAKE IT SO I CAN GET IN IT.

Fun fact about the class: everyone has their computer up and on. A quick scan shows that most of us are on CTOOLS in fact. We’re like angels.

I’ve used the colon quite a bit. Anyone have thoughts on whether the colon should be used more or less?


Raymond goes off on a tangent. He visited Ann Arbor Greenhills The students are “Creepy” because they smile at him. My thought is that he left us all for middle schoolers. I thought that I was supposed to be cooler as I got older. Where can I buy coolness at?

The long speculated Class Triumvirate does in fact exist. Matt, Paige and Melania. Apparently, they don’t want to switch peer review groups because we are all beneath them I guess. Raymond has been able to break it up, though. So that would make him the reincarnation of Caesar, who rules over the current Roman Empire? I’m so confused. I need a history lesson.

OH NO. The smell of a skunk has intruded the room and it’s just miserable. Why in North Quad of all places? It’s already taken a hit from the flood? But we persevere.

Apparently God gave Michigan the Skunk when assigning animals to the states. I’m not sure that makes any sense because God is mentioned in the 1500’s but the United States was founded in the 1700’s. But don’t kill his vibe. He’s already killing us. Here’s Kendrick’s version if you thought of it when you read that.

Momentary break at 12:26. This is when we all finally open Facebook? Quick, when was the last time someone posted a status update on Facebook before Twitter in this class. I think I did once in February 2012. #Technology

By the way, what’s the appeal to putting stickers on your computer?

He’s finally assigned us new groups. The Triumvirate was in fact destroyed. Waiting for the new Triumvirate to take over. My bets are that Maat, Paige and Melania form their own triumvirates.

Predicted Charts:










He’s left the room now for 5 minutes. He was serious about leaving us?

There is talk of a party on the final day of class. I hear there might be Subs. CRAZY! (that’s a reference to Michigan basketball coach John Beilein). I hope there is

The merciful Raymond is back, now. There are 15 minutes left.

Ugh. I can’t get into my English course because Christine took it. I’ll live, I suppose.

Now we’re talking about Ray’s Rate My Professor. He’s been called a “Genius” and others say that “Everyone should take a class with him just to experience how amazing he is.” Speculation is already flowing that he wrote these himself. He notes that he wouldn’t, though. He did mention that he would give himself a rd chili pepper for hotness.

I’m wrapping up the blog. I’m still not sure how the question at the beginning relates. Thanks for reading all the way to the end.

3 thoughts to “LIVE BLOG: Writing 220 on 4/16; Raymond’s Section”

  1. Clarification- the Triumvirate was Matt, myself, and Carly. I still consider Melania one of my strongest bonded bunnies, though.

    Anyways, I suppose I would like to talk about the stickers on my computer, since I feel a little called out in this post. I have four, and I will break them down for you:

    NELP: New England Literature Program. I was in Maine this summer for 6 weeks *without* technology, so once we got our stickers, I thought it was ironic to put it on my laptop. I know I’m not funny, but I get a little pinch of happiness and nostalgia every time I look at the sticker, and since I use my laptop so much I decided to put it on here. — Jamie is going this year! How do you think we made this connection?

    Startup Weekend: I have absolutely NO affiliation with Startup Weekend. This sticker, like the NELP one, was again a type of joke. My best friend brought Startup Weekend to the University, so I put the sticker there to support her, and when people ask me about it I refer them to her. People get very confused when they ask me about it and I tell them that I actually know nothing about Startups. It’s most funny, though, when I am at her apartment with all of her Startup-techy friends and they laugh because they know I’m just the English major, acting as somewhat of an impostor with my sticker. They’re the only ones that know I’m not actually involved… other than all of you, now (not that it’s a secret).

    ND (Nederland): Reminds me of home. No, I am not from the Netherlands, but my favorite Dutch bakery at home sells these stickers and my best friend (same as mentioned above) bought this for me when she was visiting because she thought it was funny.

    Camp Kesem: This is a more business/networking-oriented sticker. I really LOVE my non-profit, as I’m sure I’ve made clear in class, but when I go to conferences, summits or anything on a national level of the organization, people love seeing us sharing the word of the organization on a daily basis. I like to think that’s what I’m doing with this sticker, but really I just think of camp every time I look at it, and camp makes me happy.

    In sum, I guess the ‘appeal’ for me personally in putting stickers on my laptop is to remind me of all the things I love, as well as show people what I am involved in. Once in a while a stranger will inquire about a sticker, and, since these are all things I am passionate about, I end up engaged in a great conversation about one of them. I hope this answer is sufficient.

  2. Dying of laughter (not literally). This probably will count as a pirouette of flippancy, but I’m okay with that. Wish we had kept class “minutes” all semester. Would have been amazing to look back on all that we have discussed/all the insanity that occurred in our class (if for no other reason than to have proof that we actually had discussions regarding “bonded bunnies” and our brains being transplanted into animals).

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