With the end of the semester approaching and everything getting insanely crazy busy, it’s made me think a lot about what I need to be doing with the very little time I have (or seem to not have).  I should have started studying for physics days ago, but of course it has taken me awhile to get going.  I should be looking ahead to studying for my evolution exam, but of course that won’t happen just yet.  Thinking about the things I should be doing has made me consider all the things I wish I could be doing instead.

What would I do if I had as much time as I needed to do things?  I would read more, definitely.  I adore reading, but I never have time to settle down with a book during the school year.  I would go running, especially on a beautiful day like today.  I would sit outside and soak up the sunshine and do nothing more than just sit and breathe.  Nothing extravagant, nothing fancy.  Just little things that we seem to have no time for amidst our busy lives as students.

So often we are consumed by due dates that we don’t have time to do the things we love.  However, if time was infinite, I don’t know that things would get done.  Deadlines keep us on track.  We all know that projects assigned at the beginning of the semester and due at the end don’t get started until the end (ahem, E-Portfolio).  If everything was just “do it when you get a chance,” it’s unlikely that things would ever happen.

For now though, we need to make things happen.  Just a couple more weeks, people!  I wish everyone the best of luck in surviving finals, and I hope you find the time to do what you love.  In a few weeks, you’ll find me trying to balance studying for the MCAT with tackling my summer reading list and spending some time in the sunshine.  Where will I find you?

One thought to “Time”

  1. You’re very much not alone in your lack of time, or your procrastination, and it really shouldn’t make sense at all. There are so many things that we DO have time for, but choose to put off anyway. Studying, writing, reading (blogging?) – it’s not like we’re crushed for time at first. After years and years of falling into the same cycle, it’s amazing how easily we forget how crappy it is when things all catch up to us.

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