Feeling Frantic

So on Monday night at 10pm I had a sudden realization (a false one, but a realization at any rate) that our final draft of Why I Write was due on Tuesday before class started.

I frantically started going through Naomi’s comments and those comments that I’d received from my awesome peer group. Thankfully what they were all saying was really similar and I sighed a big sigh of relief that what I needed to work on was a common theme. So I made some coffee, unfortunately used the last of our incredible Italian Sweet Creme coffee creamer, and went to work on the edits.

I didn’t even look at the clock, but at some point in the early morning of Tuesday I was finally happy with what the “Final” draft of my essay had come out like. Only after this moment of panic had subsided did I decide to check the syllabus. Could’ve saved myself a night of panic and some sleep deprivation, but looking back (to 2 nights ago) I’m really glad that I forced myself to do that.

Maybe I should start making false due dates for more things… I’m feeling a lot less stressed about the remainder of this week now.

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