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The piece that I went back and analyzed was a paper that I wrote on adaptation, and how the Constitution of the United States was adapted from multiple pieces of literature and ideas. I chose this essay because it is one of the papers that I am most proud of. Struggling in my first college English class, this was my first A, and I had received the highest grade in the class on the paper. So how did I earn this grade? Disregarding content, and stripping the essay down to its style and voice, one word comes to mind: scholarly.

I wrote a scholarly paper. There were no loose sentences, I didn’t stray much from the paper into my own thoughts, and most of all, I was extremely formal with the paper. I feel that whenever I write, I always try to write scholarly. I never venture outside my bubble to try writing a little more creatively, with less rules. I don’t like it, it seems informal. I was always taught to write differently than how you would talk. Where the line is drawn between formal enough to be a paper, and informal enough to be spoken conversation…well that is up to whoever the reader is I guess.

Convoluted is the other adjective I would use to describe my writing. Although I have been making attempts to correct this issue, I tend to write long, drawn out sentences using redundant words instead of making sentences as concise as possible and getting to the point (like just now). Why, though, do I write convoluted? Perhaps it is my innate creative nature battling with my obsession to write formally.

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  1. After talking with you and getting to know you a little more on a writing based level, I think you bring up some interesting points on your style of writing and I think its really awesome you can pinpoint an aspect of your writing that both defines you and makes you happy to write. I like you last paragraph about creative nature battling to come out. Hey, maybe you’re right, and you were made to write children stories. Either way though, I think its great you found a style of writing you love: I envy you just a little bit.

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