Re-purposing project thoughts

So as I get into this semester a little more, I feel like I am at the brink of actually knowing what I want to do with my  life.  Combined with this class, my history class, and my plans to study abroad next semester, I feel I am headed in some kind of direction at this point. I have found that I am really interested in travel and despite my recent urges to push that aside as a hobby, I have realized that I want it to be much more than that for me. What I really love to do is inspire and I hope with my re-purposing piece that I am able to offer some kind of inspiration to my desired audience.

I think some of my best ideas happen when I am restlessly awake at 3 am after work or just another night when I have a lot on my mind. It is these times that I can see things a little more clearly and even as I am writing this, I find myself chalk full of inspiration. It was last night that my re-purposing project really struck me. I have always been a helpless romantic. I tell my friends often that I am disgusted by the thought of Romance, dates, flowers, and flattery in general. This is probably why I leave all my romantic thoughts to reading, so others don’t know how much I truly love it. The story of Tristan and Iseult, Cleopatra and Atony, Romeo and Juliet- they have all been love affairs that have deeply resonated with me. To me the great romances of time are these fantastic stories of true bliss.

For my re-purposing article, I wanted to push myself a little and try to write a human interest piece for a magazine. I have never written for a student publication before, so this is quite out of my element. I am hoping to have a few friends read the final piece to see if they would actually be interested in it if found in Cosmo or some other young  women’s magazine.

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