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One of the first songs I learned was “Hail to the Victors”; my dad likes to joke that teaching me that fight song was the most damage he could possibly cause to his wallet. For my family, coming to the University of Michigan is as much of a rite of passage as a Bar or Bat Mitzvah.  When the winged helmets storm out of the tunnel, my entire household becomes fixated to the glowing screen.  Those fall Saturdays satisfy a hunger that growls through the spring and summer.  As blissful as football Saturdays are, the games only occur 12 times a year.  Finding a way to satisfy my need for football in between games can be difficult; videogames and conversations with friends can only get me so far.  Fortunately, I found a community of fans who shared my craving for football: MGoBlog.

Over the last four years or so, I have been an active reader of “MGoBlog,” an online publication that, as the title suggests, follows Michigan Athletics (the website name is a play on words, specifically taking from the official UM Athletic Department website, which is  The blog is intended to be a one stop source for the latest news and analysis on all Michigan sports, although the blog tends to focus on basketball, football, and hockey.  The primary audience for the blog is alumni, fans and current students at the University of Michigan.  What makes MGoBlog unique is its blend of hard-core analysis and humor.  Often, the blog delves into extremely detailed play examination, giving readers a breakdown that other sports news sources, such as ESPN, do not.   For example, a recent post that focused on Michigan’s defensive performance against Central Michigan University highlighted the different defensive packages that coordinator Greg Mattison rolled out for the game.  Yet for all the detail and pure football logistics that are jam-packed into the blog, frequent comedic relief makes the reading a little less dense.  It’s common to find a post breaking down quarterback reads that is interrupted by a humorous photo or quip.  GIFs of old coaches doing crazy things are common, and photoshopped images of players are frequent. This blend helps MGoBlog attain a unique readership, made up of both serious and casual readers.

While the content on MGoBlog is nearly unrivaled, another great touch to the website is its active community.  The forums on MGoBlog are chock full of lively debates, news on other teams and threads that involve topics that aren’t related to sports.  The MGoBlog community also makes MGoBlog a great destination for readers interested in recruiting.  College sports have evolved into a national arms race, with coaches and programs looking all over the country to find the best talent.  Since MGoBlog’s readership is made up of people from all over the United States, when Michigan targets a recruit living in Texas, more often than not a reader from Dallas will go to the recruit’s games and cover his progress.  The result is a dynamic source for Michigan recruiting news.

MGoBlog is a solid blog that every Michigan fan, casual or die-hard, should at least check out.  I would recommend the forum for anyone who wants to engage in meaningful discussions about a great university and the teams that represent it.



David Hermanoff

I am a Sophomore from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In addition to the Minor in Writing, I am working towards graduating from the Honors History program. After college I want to earn a JD/MBA. My favorite hobbies are skiing and basketball.

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  1. I related immediately to the crazed fandom of a living room on a Michigan football saturday, and I think you did a great job showing how that excitement translates well into the MGoBlog. While I’ve never been to the site before, I thought that the imbedded links to those pages on the blog that show the crazy analysis of our defense and the hilarious Denard photos highlight the blog’s extreme range of subjects.. As a crazed fan, I’m probably going to go check this out after class.

  2. Do you ever contribute to MGoBlog or are you just a reader? This sounds like a really cool blog, and it sounds like the humour in the posts makes it fun and interesting for anyone to follow. What a great way to get all the details on every Michigan game and player!

  3. I like MGoBlog too! It is great how you talked about the forum and how the blog does a lot more than talk about just sports. I’ve never thought about it in terms of recruiting, so that was a cool aspect to bring up. I wonder if the blog will start to focus on other sports a little more in the future. Good job!

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