Repurposing Assignment

For my Repurposing an Argument assignment, I have decided to take a series of blog posts I wrote the summer after my freshman year of college. I was working at a publishing company in place of a woman on maternity leave. While I was perfectly capable of performing the job efficiently, I was often laughed at or treated much younger than my colleagues (of which I was 10 years younger than at least.) However, I wanted to be taken seriously.

So I decided to focus on how to be a young professional, and I began a blog about it. I’d like to take these blog posts and turn it into a magazine spread for kids our age (college aged, 20 somethings) about being a young professional. I think the magazine article will be a good way to repurpose the blog which was purely for myself.

However, I am looking ahead and thinking how I will remediate my argument. I was trying to think of new mediums it could be expressed on. A pamphlet? A presentation? Possibly an advice Twitter account?

If you have any ideas, please comment!

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