Response to Sullivan

I really liked Sullivan’s comparison of a blog to a ship’s log. “In long journeys, memories always blur and facts disperse” applies to life in general. Sometimes I find it difficult to remember the details of 3 days ago. I personally prefer writing diaries to blogs just because the idea of sharing my thoughts publicly and of receiving feedback/critique is a bit daunting. But I love that blogs/diaries are able to remind us of the details that our memory is unable to recall. It’s kind of scary that our mind can fail us in that way, but it is a relief that there are such exciting, fun ways like blogging that save us from letting our past disappear.

I found some of the points on the blogging basics handout to be a bit surprising. His points on length, spacing, and visual rhetoric are things that I don’t really consciously think about while reading blogs, but definitely hold true. I like reading short blog posts because they give you a quick glimpse of the blogger’s thoughts that gets you thinking and generate conversation if you want to learn more. Images and videos are definitely appealing features because they are more concise and eye-catching as they jump out at you between bodies of text. I’m not sure if I agree with his point on frequency however; he says updating your blog at least 3 times a week is important in building a community and readership, but I don’t think quantity necessarily reflects quality. I think it’s important for the blogger to write posts and respond to comments as they see fit; forcing words out so that the blog remains constantly active and updated would only distract readers from the more meaningful posts.

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