Stresses of the Real World

In my English 229: Professional Writing class, we are learning about what constitutes a “good” resume and cover letter. Personally, I have both a resume and cover letter that I actively update, and have been using for previous job experiences. However, when I got to class last week, we began work shopping our resumes, and I found that there were a lot of things in mine that were missing: GPA, a job objective, etc. I also realized my resume is not perfectly up-to-date, as I have had recent and relevant job and extracurricular experiences that I have yet to record. This assignment got me thinking: what makes for a great resume? My teacher stressed that if an employer has even the smallest reason to put you in the “no” pile, he or she will. How often should we be editing, checking over and updating our resume? Being that an employer spends barely any time looking at a resume before deciding if an employee is worthy of an interview, are cover letters more important than resumes?

This assignment also got me thinking about the concept of a cover letter. I’ve watched both my sister and brother go through the job application process following college graduation. My brother knew exactly what he wanted to do in life, and had no trouble sending out a cover letter that reflected his experiences, and desire to hone his skills, in the Computer Science field. On the contrary, my sister was more so all over the place. As a double major in Communication Studies and Family Science, she had various versions of her cover letter. What if I am unsure as to exactly what I want to do when I get out of college? Will I have to make several versions of the same cover letter just as my sister did? Will this make the application process even more difficult, or will this open more doors for more opportunity?

The real world stresses me out, and I am only a sophomore in college…

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