Stylistic Writing Response

My “go to” sentence shape is choppy.

Excerpt: “It’s uncomfortable, really. Mediocrity. It’s not something you want to admit to, but sometimes I think maybe it’s the root of what divides people—feeling uneven with one another.”

I’ve never thought about why I write my sentences in the shape that I do, with overused commas, all of these dashes, and “I think’s.” Rosenwasser and Stephen’s chapters, though, illuminated some new ideas for me about sentences and what their structure means.

“Style is personal. The foundations… emerge in the dialogue you have with yourself about your topic,” Rosenwasser and Stephen’s chapters explained. I’m fascinated by this idea: my thoughts—those things that exist so scattered and murky to me—spill onto my paper and become pictures. Short, one-dimensional often, when the thought is fully developed. Jumbled, though, and colorfully confusing when they’re still brewing. In simple terms, I’m learning that we write our sentences the way our thoughts appeared to us, the way we silently facilitated their topic’s dialogue.

I envy the writer who has found his way to the perfectly-structured sentence, who has discovered himself enough to paint his thoughts orderly. But I’m not there yet– I have thoughts that aren’t yet developed, that are still growing. So my job for this course and for this minor is to consider these thoughts carefully; organize them through practice as they spill onto my canvas; so that my sentence structure will not be stagnant,choppy always, but will evolve as I do.

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