The Young and the Braless

I don’t really follow blogs. I’ve taken my turn around the “What Should We Call Me” block (which, I think, qualifies as a Tumblr), but have never really been into “following” other people’s blogs. I think my rationale behind looking without investing interest comes from the fact that I’ve never really gotten into blogging myself. If I had a blog, I would probably be more active in the blogosphere.

The one blog that has been on my radar for several years is called The Young and the Braless. If you like fashion, thrift shops, hallucinogenic drugs, Doc Martens, and skulls, this blog may be for you. Started by two financially fortunate twins who went to my high school, the blog chronicles the loads upon loads of money that they spend on the weirdest clothes you could possibly imagine.

Here are a few photo examples of what goes on on The Young and the Braless:

Random psychadelic picture
Random psychadelic picture
"gooey leggings," urban
“gooey leggings,” urban


Chiara in a lovely American flag/jungle ensemble
Chiara in a lovely American flag/jungle/airplane ensemble

While I’m both perplexed and put off by the goings on of this blog, I can’t stop looking at it. My obsession may derive mostly from the fact that the twins and I went to the same high school, but I think the fact that I get to see how they market themselves to people who haven’t known them for the entirety of their pubescence is pretty cool. There are just so many weird things that I can’t look away. One time, I was even inspired to buy a wolf t-shirt that looked like this:

Totally badass wolf shirt, courtesy of
Totally badass wolf shirt, courtesy of

So if you have an appreciation for eccentric fashion and a soft spot for everything weird, check out The Young and the Braless for some pretty rad clothes and pretty rad chicks.


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