Thoughts on my Re-purposing Project

Since I wrote a blog post last year about our generation’s obsession with quantification in social media (numbers of friends, followers, etc.) and how websites use this obsession to increase our addiction, I’ve been seeing this trend more and more in other forms of web content. Generally , this phenomenon in social media has negative connotations, as is frequently attributed to the dilution and inauthenticity of our social experience. However, the addictive nature of quantification can also have positive effects, such as in educational websites. Khan Academy, a site containing thousands of educational videos has implemented a point system for every video watched. Memrise, an online foreign language vocabularly-building site tracks the number of words learned and ranks its participants. Codecademy, which contains tutorials about programming languages, follows suit and additionally gives awards for milestones reached. All these sites, in essence, “gameify” learning, and I want to explore the roots of this phenomenon, why it exists, and how it can be built upon and utilized in even more effective ways.

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