Writing On My Mind

I’ve been considering writing in other mediums these past few days, and I wonder if the universe is trying to make me test new waters.

I went to this meeting for a club my friend’s in the other day, and the directors were leading a dialogue on ideas for a potential club commercial. The members at the meeting were supposed to chat among themselves and then pitch their ideas to the group. A visitor and non-member, I felt compelled not to take up too much space, but when my friend spoke her idea to the group, I had all these ideas. I started whispering to her about the details of this commercial I imagined. I had pictures of a flash mob, of specific apparel, of a screenplay in my head. I felt and feel sort of compelled to write the screenplay and direct the commercial. I also have this almost narcissistic perception that I might be the most capable screenwriter ever.

In addition, I’ve recently felt like John Mayer. Each morning begins and each evening concludes lately with “In Your Atmosphere”. My room mate and might be obsessed with that song; we counted today, and we average 8 cumulative listens each day. Also, the other night my hair looked really disgusting and my skin was turning gray from staring at my computer writing “Why I Write” for so long, so in this way, I looked kind of like John Mayer. I actually think he’s really good looking, but for some reason I looked like him in my lowered state. I put on these sunglasses and a purple scarf and started singing “In Your Atmosphere” in his voice. I’m kind of good. Since then, I’ve been pretending to be him in my head and singing my own lyrics to his songs. I sort of feel like a poet sometimes, so could I now be a songwriter too?

One thought to “Writing On My Mind”

  1. This really did make me laugh out loud because it is so candid and explores so many different topics.

    I like how you are confident in your different abilities, having that confidence to try different things and to be different things is the first step to really being good in a new area. I think it’s great that you can see yourself as a potential screenwriter, and even better that you can sing like John Mayer. If you think broadly that you can be something, then I really do think that you can be whatever it is you aspire to.

    In fact, finding inspiration can happen in the most unusual places and exposure to these different genres could be the key to unlocking your potential in not only new areas, but old ones as well.

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