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NPR: All Songs Considered

Okay, so let me explain this. In my free time, I enjoy searching for music reviews…from anywhere. It used to be Pitchfork, ObscureSound, or Stereogum, but recently, I came to the realization, embarrassingly late, that NPR does not just cover classical music, but is often the first to premier more indie rock/pop albums and songs. I always knew NPR was handy for getting in touch with the latest news…but music?!

In the podcast series, these two men basically review and assess songs from multiple up and coming new albums, all compacted into a single audio file ┬áthat the listener can easily download and play back. They play a clip of a song, and then provide feedback on it, giving their opinion, which is informal and improvised. In the meantime, they may fake a British accent to the listener’s delight. They speak their minds and do some more thoughtful work as they compare songs across different albums. Basically, they are creating their own radio show that blends different genres and compares them to each other. And I have to admit, and I am extremely serious when I say this, I kinda want to be a DJ as a “side” job, so this radio host vibe is really appealing to me. Anyway, the purpose of the series is to provide multiple perspectives on music, while prompting the listener to see the music world as a whole, encouraging them to compare different genres.

As my project, I would like to reflect the NPR quirky style music podcast, but instead of using just audio, I would like to incorporate video, HENCE I would like to create a “music review” style video blog. The podcasts, in particular, use audio recording of voices, mixed with recordings of the actual songs, all from different sources. This sound mixing, which would allow me to provide commentary intermittently, would definitely be important to learn for this for this project.

Hillary Crawford

Let's start with the basics- I am a third year honors political science major here at the university, with a minor in Writing (obviously, right?) and Global Media Studies (have to fit in those film classes). Until this summer, I was basically clueless as to what I wanted to pursue. "Grown-ups" always asked what I wanted to do with a political science degree. Simultaneously, fellow students around me declared they had finally found their destined direction in life. Well, all of these comments just made me wish that I had a set goal, that I knew what I wanted to do in the foreseeable future. But I didn't. After I came to terms with the beauty of keeping my options open while continuing to learn about a broad spectrum of topics, my lightbulb finally went off. Oh, the irony. Long story short, I think I want to be a journalist. But like everything in life, this is always subject to change.

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  1. This is a really unique idea and I’m interested to see where you decide to go with it. I am a fan of sites that are unique music reviews but in a different sense, just like sites that people can make any playlist and pull from stuff and comment on them. I think that mixing together things you like can be very rewarding when you work on it! Especially if you have the goal of having the listener be able to experience something like comparing genres.
    Cool idea!

  2. I love NPR. I read a lot of music blogs too (my favorite is The Fader) but NPR has some really cool stuff online (lots of times they’ll post tracks/EPs before they show up anywhere else). Sound mixing can be really tough, but if you get a good handle on it, being able to smoothly transition between commentary and other content would be awesome.

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