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To be honest, I initially dreaded doing the e-Portfolio. It seemed like a lot of work for something that I didn’t have a clear vision of or that I wasn’t very excited about. But with some thinking and tinkering (while procrastinating on my re-mediating project proposal), I think I’ve finally made some progress in creating one that I’ll like.

At the beginning I was worried that I wouldn’t have anything to include outside of what I’ve worked on in this class and in English 125 (as I take almost all science classes and don’t do much writing besides sporadic journal entries in my rare free time). I also wasn’t sure how to define myself as a writer because I’m only just getting back into the swing of writing since most of my time here at college has been spent memorizing molecular structures, hormones, and metabolic pathways. So I decided to go way back to high school, when I wrote on a more regular basis, to rediscover what I was/am interested in. The computer I saved my files on in high school broke the first month of freshmen year so all those writing pieces were gone forever… or so I thought. I realized that I often sent myself e-mails with drafts attached to either work on more at school or to print. So I went way back to 2011 in my sent mail folder to find some pieces, and I found a bunch of interesting ones!

I decided to focus my e-Portfolio on how identity can be established through what we choose to care about, what we choose to learn more about, and what we choose to share. I want to be honest and share my passion about life, from the little things that occur in my daily life to larger social/world issues.

I obviously still have a lot more to add (content, images, etc.) and tinkering to do, but here’s the link to the work in progress!


If you happen to take a look at it, let me know what you think!

4 thoughts to “e-Portfolio Fun”

  1. Holy smokes! I remember your storyboard illustrations from class and you’ve already translated that whole design to your site and it looks so good! I’m a big fan of the simplicity and navigation and overall layout. I can relate to your confusion about your identity as a writer, it seems like until I sat down and wrote the Why I Write piece I hadn’t considered myself one at all. it’s easy to get trapped in such objective classes and forget what you have to bring to the table. I think your whole portfolio concept on identity and its establishment through our writing is a really refreshing idea considering the way our current online presences end up revolving around other people’s perception of us – always receiving feedback from our friends on our lives on social networks.

  2. Not to creep your life or anything, but your website is really beautiful!
    I spent my summer interning for Food and Water Watch where we do a lot of research on GMO’s so I found your article on that REALLY interesting.
    I totally agree with everything you say, and it looks really well researched. If you’re interested in GMO’s and other food issues you should totally look at bacteria resistant antibiotics, the use of arsenic, and other gross things they’re doing to our food system.
    Awesome site!

  3. Hey just checked out the site and I like the minimalist approach! It’s very clean and I like that. Do you plan on incorporating the plate of food like you had on your draft design? That should be pretty easy to do in Weebly after I spent some time in it (though I just tried Wix and I really like that one). I am also very interested in reading your article about GMO’s because I don’t know much about them, and now that I am vegetarian it seems like I should learn more ha! I will attach the link to my site on Wix if you want to check out mine at any point. Glad you are enjoying it more.

  4. Wow, thanks for the positive feedback guys!

    Margot – I’m glad you can relate! I know both our majors are very different from this writing minor and it’s cool that we get to work our creative minds.

    Lisa – Haha, no creep at all. I’m really glad that you checked it out. I’ve actually done some research on antibiotic resistance too. It’s really interesting how science can be both extremely beneficial and harmful to our health.

    Patrick – Yes, I’m definitely hoping to make the introduction page to each tab more like the one I drew for my storyboard. I will definitely be tinkering more really soon! I stopped by your page and I really like what you’ve done so far! The layout is pretty neat and I like the slideshow on the homepage. I also like the effects on the tabs and fading as you transition between them. Really cool!

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