E-Portfolio on the Brain

In light of recent discussions of our e-portfolio assignment, I’ve been battling myself in which direction I want to take with my e-portfolio.

As the culmination of my first semester in the Writing Minor, my e-portfolio should represent all I have learned and been inspired by. However, I have all of the ideas and vision in my mind, but bringing that into actuality seems to be the hurdle. Trying to create an aesthetically pleasing magazine article for my Repurposing Project has been trouble enough. So while I want to make an amazing website, with tricks and widgets that will blow my audience’s mind…I’m not so sure I have the option.

But maybe there’s a middle ground? Platforming my writing as the main focus, but spending the time to include interesting themes and options that are a little bit more out there. I definitely want to stray away from the normal listing of text. I guess I’ll have to find a web guru…or become one myself.

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