E-Portfolio Thoughts

When I first was thinking about how to design my e-portfolio, I wanted to make something that could double as a personal site, outside of the writing minor. And since I live with computer science majors, am constantly exposed to their work, and have gone through tutorials on JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, I wanted something customizable where I could exercise my (admittedly novice) web design chops. As I got to thinking, however, I realized that there was too much content I would want to include on at personal website that would be out of the scope of the writing minor. It would be a better idea for me to make my e-portfolio using a customizable template, maybe on Google Sites, and then eventually link to it on a personal website.

People may be curious as to why I’m reluctant to use WordPress. In my opinion, WordPress works great for blogging, and thus is good at linking to and organizing a lot of short content. Some people may want their e-portfolios to function like this too, or may just like the WordPress interface. Personally, I envision having a page that functions as a “Table of Contents,” rather than drop-down menus for my work, because I want to emphasize the order and “portfolio-esque” presentation. This design is just my preference, and is still in the very preliminary stages, so we’ll see if I stick with it or pursue other options.

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  1. Hey Joe! I live with a CS major too, so I know what you mean- it’s hard not to want to create gorgeous web designs. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately?), I don’t know how to build anything remotely attractive, so a template it is.

    Also, I’m glad you wrote about using Google Sites because I know nothing about them. I’m planning on WordPress because I like it just fine, but I’d like to check out Google Sites to see if I like it and/or can figure out navigation. Good luck with getting started!

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