E-Portfolio Updates

After a lot of conceptual thinking my portfolio is finally starting to take form! I’m using Wix and I’d first like to say that Wix isĀ awesome (shout-out to Alyssa for introducing it to us all!). I picked a template and pretty much the only thing I actually kept from it was the top header. I love how you can delete and add things to the template as well as change the font, color, and style of literally everything. It’s really making me feel as if I’m not confined by the software and can produce whatever I want, which was one of my early fears about this project. One thing I’m still trying to figure out is the best way to organize the content within headings. For example, I have a writing 220 tab that has a drop down with why I write, repurposing, and remediating. However, I’m not sure if I want to have the parts of each (drafts, proposals, reflection, etc) as sub-drop down tabs, or buttons on the page, or links to googledrive, or download word docs. Little details like this really do impact the overall feel of the portfolio so I have some work to do in that sense. Here’s a sneak peak of the homepage, although I want to take a different headshot before the final




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  1. I am also obsessed with Wix! I find it so much easier to use than other sites and it allows way more freedom. (Thank you, Alyssa!)

    I absolutely agree with you on headings. It has become the most challenging part of the creation of my eportfolio. Deciding on how to organize pieces will be the death of me.

    Can’t wait to take your new headshot!!!!!!

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