Getting a bit existential with my re-mediation project

For my re-mediating project, I’m pretty sure I want to do a podcast. I make music a lot, so I am familiar with sound recording and editing and this seemed like a nice shift from the papers I have written so far (My re-purposing project was done in the style of a feature article in the Atlantic). That being said, I’ve never actually made a podcast, and really have no idea what to include. I’m first┬áplanning on listening to some NPR stories, because they seem to have the whole podcast thing down pretty well in terms of formatting, editing, content…well basically everything I guess. But I’ll listen to them for formatting and editing ideas, because trying to model mine after some of their’s should be doable. In terms of content however, that’s where I am more unsure.

My re-purposing project was an essay about Facebook’s impact on our social experience, specifically the ways in which Facebook exploits our natural tendency towards social competition, and how users respond to this. I start with personal anecdotes, and then go on to talk about the subject in a broader and more objective way, eventually attempting to circle back to the personal side of things. I think this would be cool to incorporate this structure into a podcast. My questions are (1) how do I approach the personal story without just reciting my paper? (2) would it be interesting to add other students/friends input? (3) how do I gain credibility in the more objective section? In my paper I quote some researchers, so should I try to interview some professors/is that something that they would be open to? (4) Is a podcast even the way to go? As you can see, I am questioning a lot these days, though thankfully most of it is about re-mediation project. I think when I start to work on it I will be able to more clearly see what works and what doesn’t. I’ll probably be questioning even more at that stage, but hopefully I’ll at least have a more concrete plan and vision.

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  1. As I told you in workshop, I really like the idea of a podcast. I agree that it will be a nice break from the more academic writing that coursework frequently pushes us to do. I think a podcast is a good way of expressing your argument. You can actually speak to your audience, which is an effective way of communicating to others, almost as if you are making a speech. Specifically, you can use different voice tones, emphasize particular words, etc. In addition, I know you are thinking of conducting interviews. In this way, a podcast is the most effective way (in my opinion) to re-enact these videos, almost as if you are a newscaster. An interview in writing is much less exciting than an interview you can listen to or even watch. These interviews would also allow you to approach your personal story without just reciting your paper.

    I do believe it would be interesting to add students’/friends’ input. In actuality, it is our generation that are the controllers and heavy users of social media. I think adding in these perspectives would be effective and very relatable.

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