How Can Writing Change the World?

Okay, so this popped up on my Facebook wall and I just had to share it:

The Tedx talk embedded in the page is definitely worth the sixteen minutes it takes to watch — while I usually can’t sit through Ted talks, this one really spoke to me.  I really love to use creative non-fiction to write about different experiences and identities that I hold, and the program that Adam Falkner (UM grad! Woo!) talks about is amazing!  Combining creative writing with examinations of social justice and social identities is definitely something I am interested in and something I would love to look into working with in the future.  Since being a part of IGR my freshman year and beginning to write about experiences with privilege and oppression, creative writing has been the one thing that keeps me grounded.

The quote that really spoke to me throughout the entire video (so much so that I paused the video and wrote it down on a sticky note_ was when Falkner said “we need to learn each other, and we need to learn ourselves.”  It’s very similar to something I wrote in my first “Why I Write” piece — writing helps you make connections and grow not only as an individual, but as a community.   It’s amazing to think about how much writing really can impact the world for the better.  

…I wonder if this program has internships available?  🙂

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