In Case You Missed It.

I know we all know this, but last Friday was the Write-A-Thon for the National Day on Writing. Yay writing! I volunteered from 12-1 and so I was there for the very beginning which was pretty interesting.

Here’s a list of fascinating things that I encountered just within one hour:

#1 – Nobody knows what the National Day on Writing is. Seriously. Not one person knew what we were talking about. Every time I said it was  the National Day on Writing people looked at me like I was nuts and I had made it up.

#2 – People are really afraid of the Diag. Everybody walking by quickly diverted their eyes and avoided me like the plague. All I wanted was to give them a piece of chalk. . . I didn’t think I was that scary.

#3 – Once they realized I wasn’t going to make them sign up for something, pay any money, or give me their first born child, people really got into it. People stuck around for 10 or 15 minutes writing things or drawing pictures and told their friend’s passing by to stop.

Just 20 minutes into the event, the Diag was quickly being filled with chalk and inspiration.
Just 20 minutes into the event, the Diag was quickly being filled with chalk and inspiration.

So I’m not really sure what it is about publicity on the Diag, but I find that people are extremely resistant to figure out what’s going on. If they finally stop to hear what you’re doing though, the impact can be really awesome. I think a lot of people who wrote something were having a great time and at the very least got a little stress-relief in.

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  1. I’m so glad you wrote this post because I did miss it and now I’m pretty bummed about it! Your observations on people’s reactions in the diag are definitely spot on (and hilarious)…I can’t deny that I’ve been that eye-contact-avoider many times. I’m curious, when people did end up staying what kind of things did they write and draw? Also, was the main purpose just to get people writing or was there any sort of purpose behind what they were supposed to write?

  2. A lot of people wrote very short inspirational quotes or drew smiley faces or hearts. We also had people ask us, “Can we just write our names?” So there were a lot of names, too. The main purpose was just to get people writing and to show them how writing is really in their every day life via texting, facebooking, blogging, etc.

  3. People are afraid of the diag- SO TRUE.

    Really glad that your experience led to this hilarious blog post, especially because I avoid the diag since I don’t like when people make me feel bad about not taking their flyers so I take them and then I have a pocket full of flyers I don’t need.

    You rock Sarah.

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