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The website that I took a look at is called Men’s Health. The purpose of the site is to provide people with short articles about fitness, health, fashion, and various other topics. It has articles from many different sources from people in fashion to doctors.  As far a new media forms, I’m not sure because what defines “new” when anything has to do with something digital or technology related.  It is a website so that is a new media form that I would like to try out and get some experience with. I like how they have a blend of pictures and show synopsis’ of article. I feel as though that is a very eye catching and esthetically pleasing, which I think is useful to any website.  It helps with how the reader with flow through the website to find what they are looking for.



Blake Bambach

I am a senior linguistics major a University of Michigan. I am on the sailing team and a part of a fraternity. I enjoy reading more journalistic type writing mostly and enjoy technical writing.

3 thoughts to “Men’s Health Website”

  1. So I’ve never been to menshealth, and the first thing I thought when I opened the page was… woah… there’s a lot going on. It seems really cluttered with ads! As far as new media goes, I’m not sure what you could point out from it either, I guess the format of the site itself? The addition of videos feeds like in the right hand column could be an addition of “new media”. I don’t know if I would spend too much time on the site just because it looks way too cluttered to keep my attention..

  2. I actually visit this website pretty often, especially when I decide that I’m going to get “jacked” over a semester, while the results rarely follow. My brother was the captain of his crew team in college and is trying out to be on the TV for Crossfit games, so health sites like this one have been made pretty familiar to me.

    I love the wide range of topics on men’s health, it never gets boring. The content ranges from pretty black and white healthy things and dives into more lifestyle and activity stuff that people do for fun. I think the site is made by the same people. It’s a little more intense on the health end, but it’s cool.

    I think the new media on the site is hard to pin point, but I think the general layout of the site is cool, while cluttered. A lot of images, revolving news stories and tabs for organization.

  3. I was just reading the Men’s Health website because of a shoulder injury – what a coincidence.
    I agree with Sarah as far as clutter goes. The Men’s Health website is really crowded – everything from ads to links to other articles. I think that the website would benefit from some more minimalist design. Lesson to be learned – new media techniques can be overwhelming if they aren’t tastefully used.

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