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For my remediation project, I have chosen to present my content through the medium of film.  From the very start, my goal when writing both my original and repurposed piece, was satirically draw attention to the hypothetical issues that Tinky Winky would face after the Teletubby show went off the air.  This process has taken me from writing a poem to a tabloid article/in-depth analysis of the issues facing Tinky Winky through both a psychological and economic lens.  Now, I will try to create a style of video presentation that mirrors the popular television series called, E True Hollywood Story.  The series, as you are probably familiar with it, dives into the lives and tribulations of our favorite celebrities, creating a story arc of happiness and fame crumbling down into shambles.  The segments typically run for an hour of television time (roughly 43 minutes), but in my project, due to time constraints and lack of content, I plan to have a video around 5 minutes.

This process would require voice- overs, video editing and a variety of shots to be taken.  My past experience with making movies has generally been fairly basic, so to pursue this project, I chose to learn up on necessary skills.  I have scheduled an appointment to rent a kodak video camera, portable tripod/stand and microphone from the ISS at University of Michigan.  Additionally, I have independently watched instructional videos primarily from youtube about what is possible through iMovie.

It’s actually really interesting what you can do with this program.  From creating customized intros through a software called Motion to layering audio files and music.  I am way more confident now to create an end product that will look, feel and sound like a professional tabloid documentary similar to one like an E True Hollywood Story.

Additionally to learning about the program via the internet, I’ve asked over the phone to reserve space at the MLB ISS studios that allow for better voice recording.  This will provide a great, unfiltered narration of the content that I try to share.

I’ve been searching for Teletubby costumes online…. so hopefully I find one in the area!


Ryan Hayes

I hail from the hidden gem of the midwest Chanhassen, Minnesota home of Prince, Buffalo Wild Wings and cornfields. While my home clings to my identity leaving a perception of a faux-canadian with a hockey addiction, let me redefine myself: I am a person that is actively balancing nostalgia and thoughts of tomorrow in search of being in the now. I am an aspiring, young professional who needs to learn to shave more frequently. I am a personality, a voice and a perspective.

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  1. I like how television time is different from real time – kind of like dog years (1 hour real time is 43 minutes television time).
    This seems like a really ambitious project. As your fellow team member I want to make sure you aren’t trying to bite off what you can’t chew. I’m glad you have previous video filming and editing experience, so you aren’t jumping into unknown territory. If you can pull this off – and it will definitely be hard work – it has potential to be hilarious.

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