My Repurposing Troubles

I need to spend more time on my repurposing project, and I know that will eventually solve the problem. But right now I am still considering my publication venue which could inevitably affect the entire paper. So I have some pondering to do. I am also debating between two topics currently: 1. How does Pop music affect our lives? and 2. The differences between Pop music and Indie music: Sex vs. Love. If anyone reads this, what topic do you think sounds more interesting? And do you have any ideas for publication venues?

Right now I am considering going with the “How does Pop music affect our lives?” because its a question I’ve been interested in since the “Blurred Lines,” song came out, and I can also tap into some of my Communications knowledge since that is my major. I was thinking of publishing that as a Time Magazine article, since some of their articles are very long and analyze culture more in depth than most magazines.

If I go with the Pop vs. Indie music route, it would be more of an entertainment piece, that could be published in Spin Magazine or something. That is also interesting to me, but I don’t think I would learn very much. It seems like a rather obvious comparison, and I’m not sure what kind of research that might entail. I was planning on making the point that Pop music tends to focus on sex, while Indie music is more about love. I would basically reference examples and state what I prefer, but it wouldn’t be too in depth.

What do you guys think? I appreciate your input.

– Pat

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  1. I’ll admit that I don’t know nearly enough about pop music or indie music give you any advice about your second topic choice, but I can say that the first one definitely interests me. I’ve always been intrigued about how certain songs could become such mega hits and receive so much radio play, without necessarily being lyrically or instrumentally sound. I think it would be interesting to delve into why people become so enamored with pop hits. I agree that you would definitely learn more from researching your first topic, and I would definitely enjoy reading it. Good luck.

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