So of course, the ONE day that I have to actually sleep in past 7am and relax a bit, I get called in to work at 8am.  What’s even worse is that I was already scheduled to work from 2-6m, but my manager thought “Hey, let’s just call in Alyssa and have her work a lovely 9 hour shift!”  (Well okay, that’s not exactly what she said, but that’s what I imagine her thinking…)  Anyways, this kind of put a damper on my being able to attend the Write-a-thon on the Diag last Friday, which I was very bummed about!  I like creative events like that where people can just drop in and write something (I went to one last year and thought it was so awesome!), and of course, I loved the pins we got in class (pins are my weakness).

Chalk Writing on the Diag
A work of art found on the Diag!

I ended up getting out of work early at about 4:30, but by the time that I made it down to Central Campus there was nothing left but a whole bunch of chalk writing all over the Diag.  It was actually really cool to read.  I walked around all of the families in town for Parent’s Weekend reading what people had wrote.  The picture above is something I took on my phone, it made me smile after an incredibly long day of work.  It’s just a testament to how awesome writing is.  It can make a difference in the lives of others who are reading it — and you never know who you’ll be reaching out to!  🙂

3 thoughts to “Write-A-Thon”

  1. Such a good quote to take a snapshot of.

    I love that you chose this one and that it found you after work. I hope that you think about it often and find yourself living the life that you’ve chosen, but I also hope everyone else who’s reading the post does, too.

    I think it’s great that we can all share stuff like this on the blog and lift people up even if we don’t know we’re doing so.
    So much inspiration going on all over this blog lately!

  2. I can totally understand the work part of this story… its happened to me too often that I think I have the night off and someone calls me in. Not that work is ever that bad (okay maybe thats a lie) but like you I always feel like I am missing out on things.

    Works sucks but I guess its going to be required for the rest of our lives 🙁

    ^Omg depressing

  3. Whelp, I just wrote a note about how the little things in life make it beautiful, and then my internet went out when I tried to post it and it is now lost in cyberspace forever.

    Deep breath.

    The Diag is one of my favorite places to find inspiration like this. There is always some kind of event, or even a poster or chalk writing, that brings me back to the present and reminds me to breath and enjoy the moments that make up the days.

    It was a beautiful little note that I wrote. RIP almost blog comment.

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