Remediation was the first problem, where to start is the second… (#techchallenge)

I would never categorize our remediation project as easy. In fact, I’d actually categorize it as just the opposite: difficult. However, difficult is not always a bad thing. In this case, the difficulty I am experiencing throughout the different steps of this project are actually teaching me most, second to writing and media, about the importance of decision-making. In transitioning from my repurposing to remediating project, I was unsure as to which medium form I wanted to use. I thought about creating a podcast, however, was unsure as to how I would organize my project in a way that wasn’t simply a script of my repurposing project. I also thought about creating an informational brochure on salsa, later realizing that the transformation from a magazine spread into a brochure would barely differ in terms of organization and appearance. All in all, I wanted to create a project that would enable me to guide my readers on a hypothetical journey across the world. I needed something more three-dimensional. That is when I finally came to a decision: a website. Websites offer interactivity, visuals, display themes, and most importantly, a virtual space for the organization and layout of my argument.

In beginning to design the storyboard for my remediation project, I am using PowerPoint to layout each and every page of my website. Although PowerPoint is limited in terms of its design features, font styles, header features, etc. in comparison to WordPress, it has allowed me to start at a more elementary phase and take baby steps toward the creation of a more complicated website. In creating my storyboard, I am getting a better sense of how my website is going to turn out. During the proposal stage of this project, I had a hypothetical image of my website lingering in my head: the colors I wanted to use, the themes I wanted to use, and the layout that I believed would work best in conveying my argument. However, because I am designing my storyboard on the computer rather than drawing it out, I am drawing upon the computer’s abilities and formatting features, rather than my own ideas. Therefore, I am learning, in actuality, and not just in my head, what the computer will and will not allow me to do, which fonts look best, which colors schemes look best, etc. The storyboard assignment is allowing my project to slowly come to life within reasonable parameters, which is exciting.

In conjunction with my decision to use WordPress, for my technology challenge, I have decided to commit to trying iMovie as the additional program that will aid my project. I don’t have a lot of experience with iMovie, and figured it would be a good program to create a “Lookbook” sort of feature for my website. I am picturing almost a running, continuous PowerPoint presentation of salsa images, ones that are visually appealing to online users. For instance, I could upload images of salsas with, for example, unique and atypical ingredients, salsa spread across lavish and fancy dishes, or even famous renditions of salsa prepared by famous chefs. I plan to create a short movie out of these images, which will offer a visually interactivity and a captivating way for users to “experience” salsa, rather than just read about it.

In downloading iMovie on my computer, I was able to learn a lot of basic information about the program in a short period of time. I put an old video I had downloaded on my computer years ago into the system, and was able to cut and chop up the video. I also taught myself about the transition features, which I noticed is similar to those in PowerPoint. There is also a microphone feature in iMovie, which would allow me to create a voiceover describing each image in my mini-salsa movie, if I wanted to. Lastly, I learned that I could also add text over the images of my movie, which would allow me to create captions describing them. I think iMovie will allow me to get creative with my website, adding video features of my own rather than simply posting videos on my website that were created by other people.



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