Some E-Portfolio Thoughts

When we were first introduced to the e-portfolio at the beginning of the semester I sort of just brushed it off as another assignment I’d have to throw together in the midst of another busy semester. However, after looking through past portfolios, beginning to explore sites like wordpress and weebly, and discussing aspects of a successful portfolio in class, I’m not going to like…I’m getting sort of excited. I’m definitely a bit nervous that the sites will be harder to navigate than I’m expecting, or that I’ll have a clear vision in my head but then not be able to execute it on the site. As for now, I guess I should just focus on developing that clear vision in the first place…

Another aspect of the portfolio I hadn’t given much thought to is the idea of using these portfolios in a professional setting. I thought the story Naomi told us about the student who used the QR code on his resume was such a brilliant idea. It’s exciting to think of these portfolios as less of a “school assignment” and more as a representation of ourselves that we can use in other contexts outside of school.

2 thoughts to “Some E-Portfolio Thoughts”

  1. I am finding the project a little overwhelming as well. The sites are kind of hard to navigate, I definitely agree with that. However, I think you have the right idea in trying to focus on what you want your eportfolio to look like, and then you can take it from there. Which eportfolios allow you to better reach your goals? Which allow you to create the portfolio you want to create?

  2. I had the same idea when first taking a look at this assignment, so its somewhat relieving to see that I wasn’t the only one. I had also never done anything like this so when we first had to look at some portfolios, I was a little nervous about what the whole process was going to be like. WordPress was the first site I looked at, and while it wasn’t necessarily difficult to operate, it wasn’t the easiest or most exciting website to use. The next website I worked with, however, was Weebly. Using this site reassured me that this would actually be a fun and exciting project, so I’m glad to say I agree with you on that point. Weebly was easy and interactive, and it felt like it was much more geared for a beginner, like myself

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