So as for the blogging and portfolio pages go, I think the weebly and wordpress ┬ápages might end up to be kind of a fun project. I love creating my own stuff with my hands like crafting or art, so this seems like it could be similar to that. Both wordpress and Weebly were my favorites; weebly in particular seems the most visually accessible to me, so I can see myself working with that one. My only concern is that I really don’t think I understand the whole html/coding/anything that has to do with multimedia only sort of deal.

I have no idea how to code or any of that because I forgot to pay attention in Java class in high school (I knew it would come back to bite me in the butt one day). I have the faintest memories of those classes in my math and science school, but I somehow managed to get out of that class completely unscathed; and also completely ignorant of the internet. I would like to think that being a creative person might lend me to some help with this, but as of now I am a little frustrated. Hopefully everything starts falling in to place.

Also, for those of you who are wondering why I couldn’t focus in my java classes, it was mostly because I am incapable of staying focused on most tasks, but also because my teacher was. well. here is the link to his website

I wish I could share a picture for the visual learners.



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  1. So this is kind of embarrassing, but I just laughed really loudly in the fishbowl after looking at your teacher’s website! I also don’t remember a thing about my Web Design class in high school, so the e-portfolio concept has seemed a bit daunting. I guess I’ve been feeling better about it since WordPress/Weebly seem to not be extremely heavy on the HTML and coding stuff, which is great. Especially weebly and (which I’m planning on using) seem to be good for those who aren’t technologically-savvy (like myself) but still want to create a clean and engaging e-portfolio!

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