About Me: Ladies and Games

Given what I have written for papers in this class (blog posts not included), readers wouldn’t really know much about me at all other than that I spend probably a little too much time on the internet.

Booker and Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite

That being said, two big interests of mine that I’ve only gotten to talk about a little through these blogs are video game ┬áculture and the representation of women in media. The first thing I connect when I think about these topics is that I am actually (without consciously making the choice for this reason) taking two classes that relate very strongly to these two topics! One class, Visual Culture and Visual Literacy (Comm 365) has a lot to do with analyzing visual media, including a specific conversation of representation of women (in film/tv) and some theories behind gaming (realistic games vs serious games, etc.). The other, Technology and Play (Comm 408), which is my favorite class of the semester (sorry, Julie) is very focused on game design as well as the different motivations players have in playing games – there has also been a specific discussion of gendered gaming spaces.

Comm 365 is an ULWR, which strongly relates to my work in the MIW program as it has helped me develop my writing in a way that focuses on revision and analysis. While Comm 408 is a project-based class, it has still aided in forming my ability to write about things that interest me in an analytic way without putting too much personal opinion into my writing.

Sarah Rybak

I'm a junior Comm major with special interests in gender, gaming, and new media in terms of how people interact through it with each other.

3 thoughts to “About Me: Ladies and Games”

  1. I think it’s cool that you’ve had some intersection in your Comm class between your two major interests. I bet that would make an interesting paper– perceptions/portrayals of women in video games/ gamer culture. It’s great that you’re getting to take classes right now that are so closely related to your interests. Did you get a chance to apply any of the stuff you’ve learned in your Comm classes about visual media when you were crafting your re-purposing project for this class?

  2. The women in video games concept is pretty far-reaching, despite a lot of opinions. I did research in the political theory department on online avatars and how they are representative, so of course we discussed the representation of women. Anyway, my point is that I think you could apply gaming in general to more “real-life” things, especially in your e-portfolio! It would be really cool if you discussed how you want to represent yourself in the online or gaming world, whether it’s through avatars or blogs, and how that has affected your portfolio!

  3. I think this is especially interesting because of how unique it seems. Correct me if I’m wrong, but women who are seriously into video games are a rare breed. It has historically been a male-dominated past-time. But there have always been women IN the games themselves. This gives you a unique perspective when evaluating video game media that most other male-gamers don’t possess.

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