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Disclaimer: this post has nothing to do with our e-portfolios…

I know people say that you can carve out time for anything if you try hard enough, but I think as students we’re constantly processing so much information that I know even when I have actual spare time, my brain just wants to relax (and my stomach wants ice cream). I do think there’s a little space in there, though, and my friend recently sent me to this site that provokes some inspiration on a daily basis without asking me to watch a 20 minute TED talk that’ll Change My Life.

The author of Brain Pickings describes the site as a “human powered discovery engine for interestingness” and I think that sums it up better than I can. I just subscribed to the newsletter so I can’t vouch for that quite yet but the site’s daily articles span topics from writing to science to art to politics to all the little things in between and seriously, everything is just so freaking interesting and well put together. Just browsing a few articles gives so much food for thought and has really got me thinking about the importance of being genuinely curious in the world. I hope you guys check out and enjoy the site too and try to stay sane through these last few crazy weeks 🙂

Margot Kriete

Hi! My name's Margot. I study computer science, have super long arms, never skip breakfast, and will probably become a German shepherd lady (as opposed to those "cat ladies") when I grow up. I like to cook, read, run, change my mind, and write.

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