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The header image of my eportfolio goes with my introduction…. it looks like this:



The Heart-Shaped Pile of Eraser Shavings: Eraser shavings are a metaphor for my life. They represent confusion, mistakes, uncertainty, and messiness; they represent refinement, alterations, and an attempt at perfection. Eraser shavings represent writing that is “out there,” writing that challenges us, and writing that is new to us, explaining why we often feel motivated to erase, reform, and retry. Eraser shavings are adaptable: overtime, they pile up, and can be formed or moved into any shape as they sit vulnerably in the middle of our paper. If my life were eraser shavings, they would lie in my notebook in the shape of a heart. I have a passion for pencils and paper; however, my passion is nothing less than messy.

The Heart: I am certain that I am a writer. I am certain that one of the most prominent pieces of my identity consists of my obsession for words, letters, punctuation, and sentences. I have been truly passionate about writing every since I was a child. When I was just seven years old, the kids played outside. They ran freely across the playground, ignoring the poking woodchips stuck at the bottom of their shoes, and the violent winds that blew hair in front their faces. From the desk in my bedroom, I could hear the swing set creaking, and the monkey bars shaking. But the noises and temptations never fazed me. Instead, I sat inside. I wrote, for hours on end, scribbling word vomit across the pages of my notebook. I wrote short stories, poems, and journal entries- everything you could possibly imagine, and I enjoyed it. I enjoyed it more than anything else in my childhood, even more than the swing set and monkey bars. Writing is what kept my blood flowing as a child, and what keeps my blood flowing now.

The Eraser Shavings: I am certain that I am a writer. However, the confusion and messiness lies in both the mental processes I go through as a writer, as well as the assortment of pieces I have produced in my life thus far. Some of the writing I am asked to do, choose to do, and am even forced to do is challenging, confusing, “out there,” and imperfect. As an editorial intern at a local magazine, I was once asked to write a Features piece on interior design trends, a topic so unrelated to my life and expertise. The task and process was messy; it was tricky, and it made me think. In many of my writing-related endeavors, I refine, alter, erase, reform, and retry, pursuing a sense of perfection I know is essentially unobtainable. Similarly, the different genres of writing I have dabbled with create an assorted, messy picture when seen collaboratively: magazine writing, newspaper writing, research/academic writing, creative writing, professional writing, and more. In this way, I do not know where my writing is going to take me, but that is okay. I have come to terms with the fact that eraser shavings will always be a metaphor for my life.


I want to paint a picture to my readers that shows I do not know where my life as a writer is going, and what genre I ultimately want to stick with in the future, but what is certain is that I love writing in general. Therefore, my eportfolio will include a number of different pieces I have worked on throughout my life, from a number of different experiences/places. It will include some of my professional writing from previous internships, and some of the academic/extracurricular writing that I’ve done for the online food magazine I write for at U of M (Spoon). In this way, I will present many different genres of writing to my readers, which will tap into the “messiness” aspect of my introduction.


I am still struggling to figure out if my overall message/theme about eraser shavings is coming through. Is it clear? Does it make sense? Should I change my argument in any way? Like I mentioned above, I want to get across the idea that my life as a writer is message (both the process and in terms of figuring out what I want to do with my life in the field), however, writing will always be my passion and obsession. Does this idea come through?


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  1. I really like this! You’re so confident about your writing and the fact that you are a writer, I really envy this quality. Definitely include a lot of varied genres in your e-portfolio with this intro, I think that is a great idea. I think the eraser shavings message is clear and makes sense, and definitely fits with your header. Did you take that photo yourself?

  2. This is a great post- your attention to detail about that photo really demonstrates that you are such a great writer! And I am sure that your passion will really come through in your portfolio and I think having all of those different pieces will only add to the viewer seeing how passionate you are! I think that this portfolio doesn’t have many guidelines for a reason and you should make it what you would like it to be!

    Best of luck

  3. Your ideas seem very well formed, which is great! I love that you have a clear message that you are trying to get across to the reader, and I think you are achieving that.

    It seems that your analogy to the eraser shavings is being used effectively. You use it to shape your message but don’t get too close to the theme that it seems forced or cheesy. Great job!

    From the text you have above, your message is very clear and you seem to have a great plan to carry that out throughout the rest of your website and with your artifacts.

  4. I love this idea! I think it makes perfect sense and relates to your emotions and life nicely. The eraser shavings in the shape of a heart gives your audience a visual and when you go further into depth with your writing, it correlates nicely. I think you have a really nice grasp on the what you want to convey and have a nice way of doing it. Awesome job!

  5. I love this! Your photo is a beautiful and powerful image. Your introductory writing does a great job of explaining the significance of the eraser shavings and the heart shape. Your introduction is also very real. I think this staying true to yourself is what makes your message both engaging and clear. Don’t change your argument, it’s great as it is!

  6. That photo will be perfect for the portfolio that you are creating; what a great idea!!
    I wish I could see your portfolio so I could give you more feedback but what you’ve got here is at least a very very good start.
    I also think it’s a good idea to include writing from many different areas of your life and throughout your life. This is what I am trying to do also, but especially with your theme I think it is going to work really well.
    I can’t wait to see it!

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