GoAnimate #techchallenge

For my Remediating project, I’m making a video in iMovie which (so far) includes clips from YouTube videos and voiceover. However, to break up the clips, I want to include animated diagrams that will illustrate some of the different concepts I’ll be introducing. As I’ve recently discovered, there’s no feature within iMovie that allows you to animate a few simple stick figures (when I say “animation,” I’m not talking Flash-quality – I’m looking for more along the lines of inanimate stick figures that slide in and out of the frame). Therefore, I had to look elsewhere to take care of my animation needs.

First, I Google-searched “creating animations for videos” and stumbled upon a Mashable article┬áthat outlined a few different useful (and free!) sites for making animations. I chose GoAnimate mostly because it was first on the list, but also because I had spied it in the Google results for “creating animations for videos.” I signed up for a free account and took a few minutes getting to know the layout of the site. There are a bunch of available themes, including the “stick figure” format that I wanted for my video.

The format of the site is extremely user-friendly. At least it is at first. There’s a very clickable sidebar that allows you to add figures, text, backgrounds, props, sounds, or effects and manage any of those features. However, once it came to animating figures, I had a little bit more trouble. I resorted to individually managing the movements of elements, which took forever but ultimately produced the desired effect.

The GoAnimate toolbar

One negative aspect of GoAnimate is that you need to pay money if you want to make animations that don’t have the GoAnimate watermark behind them (kinda sucks, but whatever). In my personal opinion, the tacky watermark is overshadowed by the fact that you get to alter an animation to be exactly how you want it to. Total creative authority > watermark anyday.

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