Making it Webby

I decided to apply the tech challenge to take a piece of writing and turn it into web writing and apply it to my portfolio–kill two birds with one stone, right?

I have a lot of long pieces that I will be including in my portfolio. Some of which are 15 pages of text in word. Booooring. But, I wanted to include them in a way that would be more than just a blob of text.

Many sites only show the first bit of a story and include links or next buttons that you press to read more. I decided to take on this idea and create multiple pages for a story to be on and hide them from the navigation menu. So at the bottom of a section of text I created a button that says “read more” linking to another page with a section of text. Each story has about three pages, so there aren’t too many but it is broken up pretty well. This is what it looks like:



I think that this helps out the readability of my pieces on the website a lot and I am looking for more ways to make my writing more “webby”.

2 thoughts to “Making it Webby”

  1. Splitting up your longform writing is going to be a great way to keep your audience focused and interested. You might want to make sure that readers don’t get “lost” in your website (having a bunch of pages might do that)

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