My Glasses Are Fake #techchallenge

Hipster glasses 3I wear fake glasses, and most times I tell people they’re real.

My e-Portfolio is called Calypso’s Bifocals, and its “theme” is that Calypso (me) is a character who observes life through these magical lenses. The e-Portfolio is a series of Calypso’s encounters exposed in her written accounts and, BEST OF ALL, a look at all of these encounters through Calypso’s magical lenses.

Anyway, I considered adding a background image to my e-Portfolio’s Home page. Imagine this: a snapshot of only my eyes wearing the fake glasses. I imagined this might be absolutely perfect, an aesthetic treat for the reader that tells him (1.) the bifocals exist, and (2.) that I am the Calypso.

So I experimented with Photoshop. The whole thing began awkwardly as I searched for appropriate lighting in my apartment to take selfies. I tried first with my iPhone and then switched to PhotoBooth on my laptop. I am crouching in a window sill, trying desperately to capture my image in natural light. Meanwhile, I am squeezed between two dressers, a floor fan, and a double bed, and I do my best to adjust myself in ways that somehow make the background look plain.

I successfully captured the same photo of myself a few dozen times and then began the editing process. Using Photoshop, I turned myself black and white and did my best to crop out all but my eyes and the bifocals. I used retouching to fade the background, to disguise my cheek bones’ structure and make the bifocals the only clear shape in the photograph. When it wasn’t working all that well, I explored the Help tutorial. I also Googled some tips. I wanted the background to fade completely to white on its borders, but after an hour or so of fussing, I began to accept my lack of Photoshop talent.

Still, I added the picture to my e-Portfolio’s background and kept it for a few days. I thought about it a lot too and felt artsy and like a technologically advanced Millennial for those days. Thursday in class, though, we worked on our e-Portfolios, and I started to come back down to earth and realize my photo wasn’t that good. So I took it down, and it is no longer a piece of my e-Portfolio’s home page. In case it never returns to the portfolio’s final product, I’ve shared it here for all of your viewing pleasure.

2 thoughts to “My Glasses Are Fake #techchallenge”

  1. I love how I totally know about the struggles you’re talking about when trying to take and edit a good picture. It really makes you appreciate how difficult photography and editing really is!
    I actually think that you did a really good job and you should totally consider adding it back to your Portfolio! The theme that you have right now is so cool and I feel like it would fit right in = )

  2. Wait I actually really like the picture! And I love the theme. This is so you and I totally thought your glasses were real. -_-
    I love how you use this theme of looking through another’s eyes and bridge that with the physical, looking through lenses. I can’t wait to see what types of encounters you decide to share with us and how you color them from your Calypso point of view.
    This is an incredibly creative idea and I can see it working so well with the tone that you write with. And absolute props to you for experimenting with Photoshop, I hear it’s quite the demon of photography edits.

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