I’ve never created something like a portfolio in my life, so I am excited to see this project come together.  I want my portfolio to show how my writing this semester has shared a central theme.  As my context piece will hopefully display, I am a person that enjoys viewing problems through a variety of lenses.

In both my repurposing and remediation projects, I examined a fictional characters under very real circumstances.  I analyzed the Teletubby character Tinky Winky’s life after the show got kicked off the air.  I touched on economic, psychological and political issues that face child actors like Tinky Winky and how the extended metaphor of Tinky Winky could shed light on very real problems in the industry.  Despite how ridiculous the subject matter was, it was a really cool experience to look at something from a different angle.

So all in all, I want my portfolio to be able to display my desire to comprehend things from different perspectives.  I hope the design and layout will reflect this.

In terms of things that I am trying to figure out for the blog, I want it to be a really dynamic experience, but because I have no technical experience and some templates are reserved for premium accounts, I’m still trying to find the right look. I’ve been trying things out on the Wix.com create a site function, but if anyone has any insight I would really appreciate it!


Ryan Hayes

I hail from the hidden gem of the midwest Chanhassen, Minnesota home of Prince, Buffalo Wild Wings and cornfields. While my home clings to my identity leaving a perception of a faux-canadian with a hockey addiction, let me redefine myself: I am a person that is actively balancing nostalgia and thoughts of tomorrow in search of being in the now. I am an aspiring, young professional who needs to learn to shave more frequently. I am a personality, a voice and a perspective.

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  1. Wix is great and pretty easy to use – no experience required! It’s also extremely customizable. All you really need to look for in a layout design is the location of the header and navigation tabs, and then you can change almost everything else (background, fonts, text box/image arrangements, etc.) to make the look your own. I also like Wix because it offers many features for free, such as photo slide shows, that other platforms make users pay to use. It’s possible to do a lot with Wix. Keep playing around with the site, and I know your portfolio will be great!

  2. Ryan,

    Love your Tinky Winky ideas; those sound like they probably inspired some pretty interesting essays. I look forward to reading them when your portfolio’s all finished.

    There are tons of different customizable themes with both Wix and WordPress. I’m using WordPress for my blog, and I know you can actually filter and search for just free layouts if you’re interested in that. WordPress, though, I’ve found is pretty limited with letting you change things like fonts and background. I’m not sure how flexible Wix is with that, but either way, WordPress has some cool site themes to play around with.

  3. This is such an awesome theme. I really think it brings your work together, and proposes a really original idea surrounding the complexity of perception. Your pieces seem to create the “image” you are trying to create, and I am sure you will be successful in doing so!

    You said you want your design and layout to reflect your ideas…. how do you plan on doing this? I also totally understand your struggle with trying to find the right look. I must have activated each and every single theme on WordPress before choosing the right one.

    Good luck!

  4. I’ve always thought that good writing is taking something that seems insignificant or possibly even immature like Tinky Winky and showing how it is actually a microcosm for something much larger and more significant. This is a really brilliant idea that I think you should definitely show off in your portfolio.
    I’ve used Wix a couple times and I like it very much. There is a lot of customizability so you aren’t necessarily restricted by the template you pick out, which I know is common in some design websites.
    I hope this helps and good luck on your project!

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