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Based on the high frequency that I come to class wearing some sort of hockey related hat or sweatshirt, I am going to safely assume that my identity as a somewhat stereotypical Minnesotan is well-known.  A passion of mine that I’ve disclosed from class, however, is my passion for entrepreneurship.

I randomly pitched an idea for my business fraternity to 1000 pitches, and I ended up becoming a finalist in the tech category for the competition.  It was a really fun and eye opening experience.  I can’t code.  I can’t trust myself to engineer a new invention.  But I love to think creatively.

Especially at this stage of my life, entrepreneurship for me is about free thinking.  My ideas have ranged from transparent digital communication between television sets (cable boxes) and smartphones to increase the value and dynamic nature of TV ads to a tablet mouthwash/breath mint to save money on shipping for the company and improve travel convenience for consumers.  Currently, I have been selected as one of thirty University of Michigan students to be apart of Start Up Academy (, which is a group of PhD, MBA and undergraduate students working together on ventures and learning to speakers.  While none of these products have come to fruition, I am in love of the process of evaluating a new idea.

Evaluating an idea requires one to identify weak market segments to enter, develop sales strategy and assess feasibility.  In its purest form, this act of inspection is parallel to the focus I’ve given in my Minor in Writing pieces.  Both my repurposing and remediation projects dealt with analysis of something that might be taken at face value or even ignored: a Tinky Winky Teletubby.  I love looking at things from a different perspective to identify flaws or unrealized brilliance of something.  The Tinky Winky for instance, when redefined as a member of society, would be an extremely sad story; yet because it has fallen of the radar of the majority of society’s concern, analyzing the implications of that children show ending was never truly discussed.

For my context assignment, I think what be cool is to express my desire to always be reexamining things in new light.  I’m never satisfied with the status quo understanding of what something is or isn’t.  Because progress, in both writing and entrepreneurship, stems from new insight, new ideas and an annoyance of complacency.

Ryan Hayes

I hail from the hidden gem of the midwest Chanhassen, Minnesota home of Prince, Buffalo Wild Wings and cornfields. While my home clings to my identity leaving a perception of a faux-canadian with a hockey addiction, let me redefine myself: I am a person that is actively balancing nostalgia and thoughts of tomorrow in search of being in the now. I am an aspiring, young professional who needs to learn to shave more frequently. I am a personality, a voice and a perspective.

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  1. That entrepreneur stuff sounds awesome. I’ve been coming up with entrepreneur ideas for years now. The only one I have followed through with is a childrens book, because it seemed the easiest and I have a friend who is illustrating it for cheap. But I would be curious to know more about start up academy. Did you take some entreprenership classes? I am interested in getting the entrepreneurship credit on my degree, and just learn more about it in general.

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