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I spent the morning trying to creatively incorporate my Repurposing paper onto the portfolio, and this led me to the exploration of a few ideas.

First of all, I tried just embedding the PDF on my WordPress site. I looked up several Youtube tutorials to do it. One misled me and made me think I could make my PDF itself show up on my WordPress page nicely. This was frustrating because after playing around with my portfolio for an hour and half trying to make it work, I was still failing to get the same results as the video showed. So I searched for other tutorials and found a counterargument. In combination with Aaron’s comment on Katie Koziara’s post explaining how it isn’t possible to make the PDF show up in its original form on the actual WordPress site, this video explained to me that WordPress can only embed PDFs using a hyperlink to the PDF itself. So one idea I have for adding my Repurposing piece to the portfolio is to just write my introduction to and explanation of the project on its designated page and then including the link at the bottom.

Second, I considered displaying my Repurposing piece in a booklet like Alyssa Lopez did since my essay is supposed to be a magazine article. In addition, my Remediation is the magazine’s cover, so I thought it would be cool to have a display of the entire magazine- that is, my Repurposing and Remediation combined- on my WordPress site. I explored FlipSnack like Alyssa mentioned, made an account, and played around with trying to embed it on my site using one of her commenter’s advice. From what I found, though, it isn’t free to embed the code- you have to pay a Premium fee for that service. So I looked up making booklets on a different site and found Flipgorilla. The booklet I made on that site is pictured above, but still, I couldn’t find a way to embed it. I’m continuing to play around with this and try to make it work, but if anyone has suggestions on embedding the booklets for free, please share!

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  1. I was playing around with a lot of the same stuff when trying to figure out how to display my pieces in different digital ways!

    It’s really interesting what you mentioned with FlipSnack because I actually converted a PDF using that and was able to upload it to my Wix website free of charge so I’m really surprised that it asked you for a premium upgrade. I wonder if it had anything to do with the platform you’re using? On wix, we could just copy the HTML code into the web page and it would create a sectioned off area to display the work in booklet form. I didn’t end up using it either though because it appeared really small on the page, but hopefully you’re having more luck with the other platforms!

  2. For this challenged, I turned put of the pre-published articles I wrote for an internship, which was written for a newspaper publication, into an online newspaper template. This allowed for the digital displaying of a piece in a way that replicated online newspaper stories.

    I can definitely relate to your frustrations centered on embedding a PDF onto WordPress. I wanted to do the same, but also realized I can only add a hyperlink. I faced this problem in my remediation project, which I also used WordPress for. I like how you worked around this obstacle and came up with the idea of an introduction for your piece with a hyperlink below. I think this solves your problem!

    Good luck!

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