My Storyboard Is Making Me Hungry

Once again, I find myself getting distracted while working on the re-mediation project because all I can think about is food. It’s hard to focus when all you’d rather do is eat Veggie Straws or pasta or fries or pickles or… nonetheless, it took me awhile, but I finally have a storyboard.

It’s still a work in progress. Ignoring my lack of artistic ability, here’s a photo of how I plan to set up 4 of my ads if you were wondering what they might look like. The first is of a photo of a cabinet door open showing food vs. a cabinet with the door closed. The second is of a short, wide glass vs. a tall narrow glass. The third is of a small plate vs. a big plate with the same amount of food on both. The fourth is of food that blends in with the plate vs. food that is distinct from the plate. I am considering doing a fifth one showing a plate with a sandwich or a piece of meat vs. a  plate with the same amount but cut into smaller pieces.

I’m excited to take the photos and format them. I have the perfect image of how I want the finished product to look; I just hope I’ll be able to accomplish it. I think the thing that I’m most worried about is that the combination of images and words will not be enough to interest/inform the viewer. I’m still working on the slogans. Still struggling a bit with coming up with a concise way to get the message/info across, but I think I will be adding another line underneath each larger sentence. What do you guys think of them so far? Any feedback would be appreciated!

I hope you guys are making good progress on your storyboards too!

2 thoughts to “My Storyboard Is Making Me Hungry”

  1. These look so great! I absolutely love the one in the top right corner that says “Can you believe it? Neither does your brain.” Especially for that one, I think the message really stands out and is easily memorable. I guess the only question I have is how/where you were going to put your contact information — did you decide to make up a fake company of sorts, or is it more just for awareness? Either way, these look really good, so I’m excited to see the end products!

  2. Your storyboard looks really great. It seems like you got a lot of your specific ideas down on paper which will be really helpful for when you’re creating the actual advertisements. I like how the main part of the advertisement is the picture, and the text, specifically with the contact information is just at the bottom. It really makes the message the main focus.

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