A Brief Course Reflection

I will admit that when I started this course, I expected to turn in about 4 papers and do some simple blogging for assignments. But each project ended up catching me by surprise and pushing my writing and overall ability to handle a new task more than any of my other classes. Looking back I am very happy with what I accomplished and am proud of myself for being able to handle it all.

After we read some example “Why I Write”‘s, I thought I would be able to whip that out easily, but I ended up being caught off guard by how much more difficult the question became to me. I actually did have to ask myself why I signed up for this, why I like it, and why not anything else? So that assignment started the chain of surprises.

I am tying to decide which project was my favorite right now, and I’m going to go with the Repurposing, mainly because I am most pleased with that result. Looking back, I’m really thankful for the topic I chose because if I would have went with a grant proposal I think I would have been beating my head against a wall by the time it was E-portfolio time. But since I chose to write about Pop music, I feel more satisfied with my result. My repurposing project looks quite similar to my publication venue, Pitchfork.com, and I enjoyed the challenge of writing in that style.

Finally, I think what I will take away most (aside from the gained knowledge of writing in new styles) is that I can take on more than I thought I could, especially when it comes to taking on a new technology challenge. Although the challenges seemed difficult at times, I now feel more confident in my writing ability as well as myself, in general.


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  1. I have to agree with you about what you thought this class is going to be like. What I mean by that is I really didn’t have a clue at the very beginning. From that very first Why I Write essay, I knew it was going to be different from every writing class I had ever taken. I would have to say my favorite project was the Re-Mediation, just because I used multiple different formats that I had never used before. I didn’t think I could create something like that, but this class helped show me that if I just step out of my comfort zone, and just put in the time, I could create something really cool.

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