Great Minds Think Alike?

Well, well, well, looks like the University stole my idea…


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Just kidding! Although I do find it ironic that right after I turn in my remediation Pinterest project…

Pinterest launched its new concept of maps last week that attach pins to locations across the globe. Incidentally, the University of Michigan was selected as a launch partner and has created two Pinterest boards using the new technology.

The first is Tour #Umich. It attaches photos to University locations such as the UGLI or South Quad. The purpose is for students to virtually tour campus before actually coming for a campus visit, and I imagine it will be very useful for out-of-state and international students.

The next is called Wolverines Around The World. It highlights photos and connects them to places where Wolverines have studied, lived, traveled to, or worked.

Is the next step the LSA Internship Resource Board? Who knows!

Katie Koziara

During the school year, I can usually be found doing a few things: studying domestic health policy, working as a student coordinator for the Public Service Intern Program, exploring different restaurants around Ann Arbor, running my regular loop around the Big House, or catching up on one of my many, many favorite television shows.

4 thoughts to “Great Minds Think Alike?”

  1. Wait this is awesome! So many projects and assignments in other classes just feel like they are only schoolwork and simply for a grade, but I love how our remediation projects serve such a bigger purpose outside of this immediate class. I just checked out your remediation project for the first time and it’s so great! I could 100% see students and the university utilizing it. I also usually only think of pinterest as sort of a fun, hobby type site so it’s really cool to see it used in an academic context.

  2. Thank you for the sweet comments! I feel the same way about projects for other classes. I really wanted my projects for this class to be ones that I could actually see people using. I hope everything is going well with your e-portfolio!

  3. I love your remediation idea! just browsed over the pinterest board and I am quite jealous that you were able to pinterest for a good amount of this semester and call it “homework”. I will definitely be looking into the history section of this for internships- I’m a little behind at looking at those and you just gave me so many resources to explore- thank you!

  4. While I can honestly say I have never been on Pinterest, this seems like a really cool idea. Hopefully it doesn’t lead to even more procrastinating when I need to be studying. Its also pretty awesome that they actually did this right after you turned your project in. Great job!

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