My blogging persona

I look back at my first blog- the one where I talk about how new I am to blogging and how much I am not into sharing things on the internet. Well, here I am. Well into the year and still exploring my new found love for blogging.

I think I write on here and in my new blog (yes, I made my own outside of school just to give it a whirl) like I would in my journal. I was never a big fan of sharing things on the internet that were too personal or let someone see the deeper side of me. Even though I still think this is true, that I have a part of me that I keep hidden from most no matter what I do, I think this has been a really big step to opening up.

My younger sister has had an online blog for as long as I can remember. Probably since myspace if that gives you any indication… Me on the other hand, I have always strayed away from the internet, but finally after years of bickering over things like what song we play in the car or who gets the first shower in the morning, we are developing some common grounds- blogging being one of them. And even though I still have my reservations, I think writing on here has allowed me almost a silent communication, like a little bit more public of my journal. I write like I do in my journal with short phrases and sometimes run-ons. I feel like this blog is much more about how I talk and communicate then creating some kind of polished essay or analysis: that’s not me, and that’s not how I talk. So when I read over my blog out loud, it sounds like me, and I like that.


2 thoughts to “My blogging persona”

  1. Really cool that you’ve been able to inject your own voice into your blog posts. At least for me I think it took the whole semester to find the right tone to use on the blog. I think it’s hard because each post is on some semi-personal topic, but at the same time they are all released in a public forum. In the end though, everyone is in the same boat, and it seems like you realized that early on and were able to make each post your own.

  2. I definitely felt the same way you did when we first started blogging. I was completely new to it and reluctant to share with strangers. I think its really awesome how comfortable you’ve become, so much so that you’ve decided to make your own, more personal blog. While I haven’t had the courage to start such a venture, I am definitely much more comfortable when it comes to blogging. Its safe to say that I no longer see it a chore, but more as a means of expression.

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