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When I’m not busy working on projects for this class or reading/writing for my 4 English classes, you can find me editing articles for a new online food publication on campus called Spoon University. Spoon got started at U of M earlier this semester, so it’s relatively recent. But for anyone that likes food, reading about food, looking at pictures of food, or making food (or all of the above), this website is for you. You can also read entertaining articles written by your peers (like Hallie Parker, one of our Writing minor friends).

Through working at Spoon, I’ve learned a few things about my own writing, other people’s writing, and writing in general. One thing that was new to me when I started editing was using AP (Associated Press) Style in everything. I had never used AP Style before, so that took a bit of getting used to. But ultimately, the biggest influence it has on the articles I look at is eliminating Oxford commas, writing times as “1 pm,” and watching spellings for food-related words.

I’ve also been able to explore writing as a way to express myself while getting a point across. One of the things I really love about Spoon articles is the relaxed, conversational tone. It makes everything very relatable, easy to read, and (almost always) pretty entertaining. At the same time, one of the things we always talk about during meetings is making our articles meaningful and taking the significance beyond just delicious food. Balancing social relevance/importance with self-expression isn’t necessarily a challenge, but it’s something my fellow Spooners and I have to keep in mind when we’re reading and writing articles.

So if you feel like taking a look, I embedded the link above. Otherwise visit michigan.spoonuniversity.com and look around. (As a side note, I just wrote an article about body image that I’m pretty proud of. So there’s that).

2 thoughts to “Other Writing Things”

  1. Hey Dylan! I really enjoyed reading your article about body image in addition to this blog post! I feel like every other week some ignorant article about why poor self esteem in women is positive circulates Facebook. I also think it’s nice that you have an outlet to write in a more relaxed tone… especially with 4 English classes haha. Keep up the good work with Spoon University!

  2. I agree with Katie, I think it’s awesome you guys take advantage of the opportunity to explore topics that a lot of us shy away from. I feel like bringing up these sticky subjects in a more relaxed context can also help spur more natural discussion about body image on campus than comes with just criticizing extreme views (like the article you linked) on facebook. thanks for sharing!

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