Musings on a winter’s day

As I lay in the bed I haven’t moved from at 4:00 on this glorious cold day, I am stressed (well kind of) by three questions: 1) Is it too cold to go to the gym? 2) What is this week’s blog post supposed to be about 3) What am I going to do with my life?

Anyone who would like to answer any of the above questions is more than welcome, if not begged for.

On question one: we had a “cold day” and I feel that the University has done a disservice to its students by not closing the gym. There are those who struggle each day to drag themselves to the CCRB, feeling judged by some higher power if they were to take a nap in that free hour rather than jump on the treadmill. Today, when cold does operate as an excuse to sit in bed all day, there are hours to do both nap and gym. But all this napping makes me not want to go, moreso than on any other busy day. Were the University to close the gym, there would be no dilemma! And we could all nap without guilt, and Michigan would be justified in keeping its students off the frigid streets.

On question two: really, what’s the blog post for this week? Class cancellation is fab, but not knowing what to do on the day off is just plain torturous … I guess. For now, I will assume it is on the second reading of Sullivan’s “Why I Blog.” I’ll try, but it’s cold, remember.

And finally, what do I do with my life? The Career Center couldn’t help me. Can you?

As I read Sullivan’s “Why I Blog” a second time, I find myself wishing this person would provide me with an internship. Don’t pay me, just let me tell my parents that I have an internship, let me blog for the summer.

I am positive that many more than half of the students in the Minor in Writing know not what they are going to do with our writing career once the days of Gateway are long past us, so this question seems especially pertinent.  Summer internships are around the corner, as are the end to our college careers. So far, I have applied to the following places, heard back positively from a few, but have been nonetheless on a hunt: the FBI, the US Supreme Court Justice, two political consulting groups, New Jersey Congressman Frelingheysun, Amnesty International, more NGO’s, the Michigan international internship program and more that I can’t figure out. All of those, no doubt, require communication skills, and most involve some form of writing. But nothing is writing with a capital W. There is no internship for a writer, unless you want to be a journalism intern which, trust me, is  gruelingly boring. There is no internship for a writer to sit around and write books or essays or blog posts on the beach in Nantucket — although I did once share a jumper plain with an author whose name escapes me who based all of her books on the island itself, but I digress. That sounds like the best way to spend a summer, or, well, life really. I just want to write what I want to write. Is that too much to ask?

It is cold out. I’m going to the gym. Happy cold day.


One thought to “Musings on a winter’s day”

  1. Happy cold day, Erin!
    To answer your questions, 1) it is never too cold to the gym. As I didn’t have class at 10 a.m. today, I slept in until that time and went to the gym shortly after breakfast. The 180-degree sauna session post-hour-of-biking felt heavenly. I was super excited/relieved that the gym didn’t close because Tuesday is usually my one day off of working out I allow myself for the week. There was no excuse not to go today. Yes, we do have more time today than most other days, but that should be used to motivate us to jam-pack as much productive mental and physical activity we can muster in our spans of being awake. I even fit a nap in this afternoon too, and am now proceeding to working on a paper due Thursday!
    2) We actually don’t have a specific assigned blog post this week. The next blog group, group 2 will be blogging next week since we haven’t yet been broken down into smaller blog groups.
    3) I think it’s awesome you’ve already applied to so many internships; you seem ahead on the game than most for planning out your summer. While thinking of what to do with writing as a career is daunting, I think it proves more of a way to get yourself thinking about your career passions and how you can mold writing into that career. For me, I’m studying international studies and want to work on cruise ships while writing for travel magazines on the side. We all want to write what we actually want to write and I think that’s the sure-fire way you can get to that point.
    Hope you had a wonderful workout!

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