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When Ray surveyed our class and specifically asked each of us how committed we were to our front-running capstone plan, I confidently stated that I was 90 percent sure.  Well, it seems as though the 10 percent has prevailed.  I originally was intending to focus on the perils that athletes face in overcommitting to a sport.  This takes place at multiple levels.  Athletes may become burnt out in their youth, become overpowered by their college coach, or face too much pressure at the professional level.  My initial plan was to analyze the various stages in which athletes essentially lose their life-long war with sports and to weigh in on the various social factors involved.  However, I recently made an impulsive decision to completely alter course.

My current plan (which I will email you tomorrow, Ray), is to give both an informative and persuasive account of the value in sending kids to summer camps.  Having been a camper for seven summers and a counselor for five, I have experienced first hand the way in which camp can impact and transform one’s life.  For now, I do not intend on involving many different forms of media to accomplish my goals.  I primarily want to focus on giving a candid written assessment of what camp has done for me and what I have seen it do for other people.  I plan on informing readers of all that summer camps have to offer for kids, including learning to be independent, self-discovery, forging life-long friendships and memories, and experiencing things one may not experience anywhere else.  Yes, I will do my best to vouch on behalf of the entire camp experience, and hopefully give readers a small taste of what it is truly like to be a camper.

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  1. Whats up Benji,

    When you and I paired up in class to discuss your project, you seemed very confident in the direction that you were going with the sports/athletic theme. I’m not going to lie though–I like this idea 10000x better! For one, you’re in Kinesiology–you write and learn about sports and sports management every day. The Capstone project, at least in my eyes, is an opportunity to get away from what we’ve done every day for the past four years. I never went to camp, but almost all of my best friends from home are camp fanatics. I know how important camp is in their lives and I think this is a topic that you can be really heartfelt about, a chance to let your emotions shine through in your writing. Plus, camp itself is a multimodal thing–you take pictures, you do art projects, you make videos, you are out in nature–so I imagine you won’t have any trouble using different forms of media with this project.

  2. Hi Benj!

    I agree with Mark that I like this idea so much better! I completely understand your angle as I was a camper for 10 years as well as a counselor for 3. You are completely right in arguing that summer camp has the ability to complete transform kids in a way that is hard to understand or explain unless you have experienced it yourself. I think this topic has a lot of potential for creativity, and there are so many different perspectives you can take on it. I am excited to hear what you come up with and would love to help you brainstorm some ideas or offer some of my own camp experiences for you to work with!

  3. You two are far too kind. I appreciate the feedback. In addition to giving a personal account of how amazing camp is, I’m going to try to explain/persuade that when kids choose not to go back to camp in favor of going to some sort of specialty camp or staying home to play on a summer league team (with the intention of pursuing their passion in exclusively one, maybe two sports), that they are making the WRONG decision. Essentially, I’ll be trying to say that it is absolutely foolish to abandon camp in order to get a little better at a certain sport. Any thoughts on this notion or how you would like to see it executed? Having been at camp for as long as I have, I’ve come across a ton of these situations and feel as if I’m very adept. My concern is that I want to make my sentiments and experiences relatable to a general audience, even if they aren’t nearly as familiar with camp as I am.

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