Nanny Life

I haven’t gotten far with my project yet, but I’m thinking more about making it closer to my original idea rather than the ideas I’ve gotten from class. I ended up just getting confused and straying away from a concrete plan, so I want to return to my original idea and go from there. My intention is to show people why being a nanny is more of a real job than usually thought of. I wanted to make it somewhat sarcastic and make a manual of every reason why a nanny is a really difficult job. I would make it funny in the sense that it is fun and easy to read, but I do want to make it serious as well. I have been with families through some really great times, but I have also helped a family through the process of a 4-year old’s brain surgery to remove a tumor, just two weeks after having a new baby born into the family. I face real family-type problems while balancing school and other jobs. I want to somehow put this into my project so that people know that when I say I am a nanny, it is something I take a lot of pride in because it has been one of the hardest but most fun things I’ve ever done. Now I just need to figure out the medium through which I will execute these ideas…

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  1. I really like this idea!!! After talking with you about it, I think that the sarcastic aspect of it could make it really original and funny. You could also call it something like the “Nanny Survival Guide”, and fill it with various stories that are sarcastic but still get to the point of why being a nanny can be so difficult and how it truly does prepare you for future jobs! 🙂

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