Painfully Regimented

Now that Fall semester has drawn to a close, I’ve had a bit of time to reflect on the classes I took and the work I did. I once again was unable to fit a writing class into my schedule, but it turned out that one of my core classes for Ross was a business communication class (LHC 350).

However, everything that I wrote for this business communication class was painfully regimented. There was a strict format for the reflections that we had to write about the persuasive presentations we gave in class. It was called a PAL: Porch, Action, Layout. It was regimented. It was uncreative. Sure, it forced me to let the reader know exactly what I was going to talk about, but it was boring! So, once again, I’m thrown into making a comparison to the classes I take for this writing minor, where I can experiment and discover new ways to write. Of course, there is a time and place for everything and the precise, concise writing templates that I had to use in the business communication class were certainly merited. However, this class simply got me wondering: what role can more creative communication play in the business setting? Certainly advertisements and marketing campaigns make use of creative writing, but these sorts of classes don’t seem to be taught in business schools. And maybe they should be.

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