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Hey Nerds,

For my capstone project, I plan on doing an analysis of my own TV/Movie viewing habits.  I plan on taking  both qualitative and quantitative measures in order to inform my analysis (i.e. estimating amounts of hours spent on watching shows/evaluating the efficacy or worth of my time spent doing so) as well as potentially coming up with a proposal of what I could have done with my time.  Ultimately, I hope to have a better understanding of my viewing habits in order to recognize trends and hopefully come up with a useful way of utilizing my vast experience watching things.

I’ve already recognized the different ways in which I watch certain things; for example some shows or movies that I re-watch, I do so very analytically (examining the merits or strategies used by the writer or director to convey a certain sentiment).  Conversely, certain shows or movies I can re-watch countless times without ever considering this analytical perspective.  I prematurely have categorized this difference as the difference between ‘active watching’ and ‘passive watching.’  Despite recognizing this, there doesn’t seem to be a relationship with the genre, medium or content.  Certain comedies I’ll watch passively and others actively.  So I guess I would like to explore this relationship and try to find a connection there.


Although I am very passionate about the topic and focus of my project, I’m still a bit stumped with regards to the form it will ultimately take.  Although I think that after analysis, I could come up with a compelling prose report on my findings, however this seems rather boring.  I would really like to convey to the audience what watching these different mediums or with different perspectives feels like, but I’m not sure how to gear it towards a ‘universal’ audience (even though Ray said this was impossible, I’m still going to try).


Any feedback or ideas would be greatly appreciated!!

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  1. Hey Andrew!

    Reading this post made me realize how similar our two proposed projects are! I, too, am doing a sort of introspective look at my fascination with certain forms of media. If you read my blog post (which will be coming up shortly after I type this response to yours!), I am going to analyze why I seem to disappear into the alternative worlds of books and movies. Why is it that we, as you say, passively watch things strictly for the pure enjoyment of them, even if we already know what is going to happen? I picture my project focusing on the fantasy books that I love most, like Harry Potter or Game of Thrones, yet the same can be true of many TV shows and movies. What is your favorite movie? How many times have you watched it? Why do you continue to be drawn to the same thing, time and time again?

    These are the questions that I’m looking to answer with my project but I think are also very relevant to your project as well. I look forward to seeing how your project progresses and I’m sure we’ll be collaborating as the semester moves forward!

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