Abigail, never Abbey, Wilkins is an aspiring writer with only a mostly-empty composition notebook to prove it (hey, it doesn’t say entirely empty).  In her spare time, Abigail enjoys reading baking and crafting books, singing ballads, and silently stalking social media.  She believes that sunglasses are an underappreciated and essential accessory to the daily wardrobe.  In the future, Abigail hopes to take a trip to Australia, create her own Crayola crayon color, and discover a flavor of macaroon that she actually enjoys.

Stay tuned.

Abnormally large picture of myself

3 thoughts to “HOLA PEDRO!”

  1. Great bio Abigail! I like that you included some of the funniest quirks about yourself – like how you want to create your own crayon color. I remember you telling me that before! Facts like that made for an entertaining bio. I also love how you including “silently stalking social media” because I can definitely relate to that.

  2. Abigail,

    My favorite part of your bio is the “stay tuned.” I loved that you used a short sentence and set it apart from the rest of the bio. It leaves the reader with the sense that great things will come from you. It adds humor too because your lists are quirky and very you- like we are staying tuned for your latest wild aspirations and exciting new interests.

    The picture is perfect. Nicely done.

  3. Abigail,

    Great author bio! I really liked the first part of your first sentence, “Abigail, never Abbey, Wilkins.” That passage, along with all of the other small details, really illustrate your personality. Your goals were very creative (although I’m sad to hear that you don’t like macaroons yet, they’re my favorite!). Nice job.

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